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Icom America supports and validates radio warranty repairs based on the serial number. By registering your radio online, it helps, if your radio ever needs to be repaired under warranty. For accessories including batteries, antennas, software and cables please retain a copy of your receipt in the event that your product needs warranty service or replacement.

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Sample Icom Box, UPC and Serial Number
The UPC Code and Serial Number are located on the product packaging.
The Serial Number is also located on the product.

Product Warranty Summary

Amateur Receivers
All amateur/receiver products except for the 7851 radio have a one (1) year warranty from factory defects and workmanship including accessories (batteries, wall chargers, antennas). The 7851 has a two (2) year warranty. Amateur accessories come with a one (1) year warranty.

All marine handhelds, CommandMics, and VHF fixed mounts come with a three (3) year waterproof warranty from factory defects and workmanship with a one (1 ) year warranty for accessories (battery, antenna). Single side-band radios and tuners have a two (2) year non-waterproof warranty.

Land Mobile
Land Mobile portable or mobile radios come with a standard two (2) or three (3) year warranty from factory defects and workmanship depending on the model. There is a one (1) year warranty on Icom America Systems products and all accessories.

Land mobile customers have the option to purchase extended warranties at the time of purchase and up to 60 days following their purchase for periods of one (1), two (2), or three (3) years. Our extended warranty is just an extension of the radio’s normal warranty and doesn’t cover anything additional.

All handheld radios have a three (3) year warranty from factory defects and workmansip with one (1) year for accessories (batteries, wall chargers, antennas). Panel mount radios have a two (2) year warranty with one (1) year for accessories.

All Network products come with a two (2) year warranty from factory defects and workmanship. All accessories (batteries, chargers, antennas, etc) come with a one (1) year warranty.

Accessories purchased independently of any other product have a one (1) year warranty from factory defects and workmanship.

The warranty period for all products begins from the original end-user’s purchase date. Warranties may be transferred but will not be extended past the original warranty period.

The above-stated warranty does not apply to an Icom product which, in Icom America’s exclusive judgment, failed due to damage, misuse, corrosion, accident, natural disaster, alteration, unauthorized or improper installation, repair, or modification.

If you are having difficulty with your Icom equipment, please send your equipment to the nearest authorized Icom Service Center. See our repair page for information on how to send in equipment for service repair.